Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Makeup Class with Jessie Glova

Well, well, well. Where have I been? Hehe..

I was pretty busy for the last two months guys but I liked it. Productive months for me! Currently, I'm one of Jessie Glova's students. He is the very well known professional makeup artist residing here in Cebu. To know more about him, visit his blog You might ask me, "You've just finished your makeup class in FIDA, right?" I know, I know folks. My passion in makeup didn't end there. Kind of hungry for more! Haha!

Enough with that. Let me share some photos during our past lessons with Sir Jessie. I have to say, he's very down to earth despite of the success he already has. An inspiration and a great role model to aspiring makeup artists like me.

With Sir Jessie Glova

C Technique Application

Smokey Eye Application

Winged Eye Makeup Application

What do you think guys? :)

I still have few sessions left.  Will keep you posted then.

Spread the love! Stay fab and beautiful inside and out!

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  1. This is exactly what I was looking for. I have already tried Green Tea and Yogurt but gotta try the others to see how effective they are. Beauty inside and out