Friday, 15 August 2014

Real Techniques Core Collection Makeup Brush Set Review

Reveal your inner expert!

One important thing I have learned to become a fantastic and successful makeup artist is to invest on quality makeup brushes. With so many different brushes presented right before my eyes, it gave me a hard time to know which makeup brushes are worth spending for. Budget conscious girl in the house ladies and gentlemen!

Finally I already have them! I am such a huge fan of Sam and Nic Chapman so I decided to purchase their famous Real Techniques Core Collection Makeup Brush Set. (Super late huh!) The Pixiwoo sisters are one of the best makeup artists in the world. They use their own brushes in their makeup tutorials. Now that I have my own Core Collection, it makes me feel like an expert. Hehe.. For sure you have already read a lot of great reviews about it. However let me share my personal thoughts too. 

I purchased the set at Chedelyn's Cosmetics located in APM Mall (across SM Cebu) for P1100, which I think is very reasonable. The set includes four full-sized brushes with a case. The bristles are synthetic taklon, hand cut and 100% cruelty free. 

So happy I finally got the right brush that is perfect  for cream to powder foundation, liquid foundation, or even a mineral foundation. It can also be used to apply mineral cheek color or blush. The buffing brush is my favorite! It really blends the foundation very well and gives me a maximum coverage. Would love to have that flawless canvas? The buffing brush won't let you down. 

The contour brush is my second favorite. It lets me create that precise contour underneath the cheekbones. It blends products easily. Before, I was using an angled brush to contour, reason I was quite hesitant to use this Real Techniques contour brush. As you can see it has a slightly pointed tip, almost like an egg shape. To my surprise, it also does a great job too! Whenever I overdo contouring, it allows me to blend the harsh lines really really well. I also use this brush for highlighting purposes. 

I don't use this brush very often. I find it not that manageable to blend liquid or even cream foundation. (Not a fan of using flat brushes.) I use it to conceal dark circles under my eyes though. It works okay.

Last but not the least, the detailer brush. To create that perfect lip I use it as a lip brush. I also use it to conceal small blemishes and to highlight inner corners of the eyes.

So what do I think of Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set? I highly recommend it guys! The brushes are very durable and soft and I don't have any regrets buying it. It's really worth the investment. If you are an aspiring makeup artist like me then this RT Core Collection must be in your makeup bag. It's not pricey yet it does an outstanding job. Your clients will love you for it. The world will love you for it! 

That would be all for today lovelies. Stay fab and beautiful inside and out! See you in my next post. Mwaaah! :) 

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