Friday, 22 August 2014

My Brows Love L.A. Girl Gel Liner

Proper shaping of brows frames and enhances our face. Our eyes look lifted and youthful. We don't need an eyebrow technician to do it for us. Just keep on practicing. With the appropriate tools, we can achieve that right thickness and proper arch of our brows that will give us a more polished look.

I have very black eyebrows and they are very thick too! Think of a jungle, my dear. Haha! Just kidding! It needs grooming every after three days but I make sure I don't overdo it. (I still love my dark thick brows.) It's just that, it needs plucking and shaving especially the bottom part of it to bring my facial features into harmony.   

Lately, I've been loving an awesome product from L.A Girl cosmetics so much. It is not expensive and my brows look very nice and clean. It is the dark brown L.A. Girl Gel Liner.  I know! It is made to line our eyes but I prefer to use it for my brows. I have oily lids and I think this gel liner doesn't stay that long in my eyes.

I line my brows and eyes with dark brown L.A. Girl Gel Liner.

The dark brown L.A. Girl Gel Liner really works for my brows!

 For me it gives me that natural looking brows. 

The gel consistency is very rich and creamy that allows me to easily create the eyebrow shape I want to achieve. However, I need to make sure to wipe off the excess before applying. Or else, I will have that super defined brows. 

Are you using this product? Do you like it? What kind of eyebrow kit you have? I would love to know. :)

That is all for today guys! Stay fab and beautiful inside and out!

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