Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Mary Kay DBC: My First Model

Smart, beautiful and kind. These three words best describe her. 

Meet the girl who loves to watch Michelle Phan's YouTube videos, Ran. She is my very first model in Mary Kay Dream Beautiful Contest. At first, I was hesitant to message her because I thought she wouldn't love the idea to be my model knowing I'm not a good makeup artist...yet. To my surprise, she said yes. A big yes. 

Isn't she lovely?

She did not even bother to remove the makeup after I took photos of her. That simply means she loved what I've done to her! Hehe.. Anyway, this lovely woman was grateful. I was grateful too. 

While applying Mary Kay Face Primer on her, my co- Independent Beauty Consultants were very distracted by her hair. Haha! They wondered how she got her long, black, shiny hair. Ran said it's all natural. Whoa! I swear it's like touching an angel's hair. (Charing! No I haven't touched an angel's hair)

This "check your hair bangong Palmolive" girl loves to draw too. She's talented and very friendly. 

Thank you Ran for allowing me to make your face as my canvas. I know, that's your line. Lol!

That's all for now guys. Spread the love and be good to one another. mwaah! 

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