Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My First Naked Palette Makeup Look

The moment I got my first Naked Palette, I couldn't wait to try it. So ladies, here's my first makeup look using the gorgeous shadows of Urban Decay Naked Palette.

The colors I used from the palette:
  • Eyelid - Sidecar
  • Outer corner of my lid and crease - Hustle
  • Inner lid - Sin
  • Brow bone and tear duct area - Virgin
  • Lower Lash Line - Sidecar and Hustle
  • Eyebrow - Naked

Please excuse my messy background. 

The girl is not that excited. LOL!

Other cosmetic and skincare brands I used to achieve this look:

  • Mary Kay Age Fighting Moisturizer
  • Mary Kay Foundation Primer
  • Mary Kay Lip Primer
  • Mary Kay Ivory 5 Matte Liquid Foundation 
  • Mary Kay Highlighting Pen
  • Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara
  • Mary Kay Dusty Rose Creme Lipstick 
  • Mary Kay Pink Luster NouriShine Lipgloss 
  • Mary Kay Concealer
  • Nichido Sunkissed Powder Blush 
  • Elf Studio Warm Bronzer
  • Revlon Colorstay Black Eyeliner 

There you go! I am planning to post more pictures soon. Sorry if the photos are not that clear and of high quality. (Saving for a nice camera here) 

Have a nice day everyone! Spread the love. 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Urban Decay Naked Palette

How are you guys? I hope you're having a good day. Cebu is getting busier. Everyone is excited for the upcoming Sinulog 2014! What are your plans? Whatever those are, PIT SENYOR!

Today, I am going to show you my most awaited shadow palette! I am very happy and excited. I can't wait to try it. I think millions of makeup junkies all over the world are crazy about the Naked Palette and I'm no exception. It's not a must have though but in my opinion aspiring makeup artists like me should definitely get these fantastic shadows. As mentioned in my post the other day, I bought the palette from Jilli Gomez; the beautiful blogger behind Kissed and Madeup blog. She is nice and I am glad I bought it from her. It's 100% brand new and authentic all the way from Sephora in the U.S.

Just gorgeous!

For a smokey eye look, I can't take my eyes off you Dark Horse!

What a lovely eyeshadow brush

Looking at the palette makes my heart beats so fast. What's wrong with me? Any idea?

Excited to use this Eyeshadow Base!

I will be posting photos soon wearing the gorgeous shadows of Naked Palette. Exciting! Isn't it?

The festive air of Cebu makes me go out and have fun in the street today. I hope it won't rain. We are all going to the solemn procession later right?

Till next time guys! Spread the love. Viva! Pit Senyor!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Pursuing a Career as a Makeup Artist

Hello everybody! For some reason I feel like blogging today. I know I'm not consistent about it however I will try my very best to write everyday starting today. Let's see ;)

Anyway, I would like to share my excitement about pursuing a career that I think I would enjoy so much. I want to be a makeup artist. For the past weeks my passion towards that goal is overwhelming. I kept looking for nice cosmetic brands and reading reviews. Youtube is my bestfriend! I learned a lot from video makeup tutorials. I love Marlena from Makeup Geek. I'm also thinking of going to a makeup school. Hmm.. is it really necessary?

Guess what!? Because of this undying passion for makeup, I met a lot of makeup junkies in Youtube who use this amazing Naked Palette from Urban Decay. I am extremely in love with the product. Wait, I still love Mary Kay shadows though. But since I'm determined to be a makeup artist I need to try other gorgeous brands. The sad thing is Urban Decay is not available in any local stores here in Cebu. I kept searching online as to how to get that Naked Palette. Finally, I came across Jilli's Facebook Page Kissed and Made up Cosmetics. She sells authentic and brand new Urban Decay cosmetics all the way from Sephora in the U.S! I immediately contacted her. To make this long story short, tomorrow the palette will be mine! Can't wait to try it!

Image by jerine via Flickr

I'll have my own photos of Naked Palette tomorrow. Don't worry guys ;)

The universe is really responding to my happy thoughts because I just got a message via Viber from a friend of mine. I will be doing her client's bridal makeup!! OMG! Is this it? Honestly, I feel so pressured. Slowly, I am building a portfolio. What a great opportunity, don't you think? I will update you soon. 

Till next time. Have a lovely day people! :)