Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Makeup Class with Jessie Glova

Well, well, well. Where have I been? Hehe..

I was pretty busy for the last two months guys but I liked it. Productive months for me! Currently, I'm one of Jessie Glova's students. He is the very well known professional makeup artist residing here in Cebu. To know more about him, visit his blog You might ask me, "You've just finished your makeup class in FIDA, right?" I know, I know folks. My passion in makeup didn't end there. Kind of hungry for more! Haha!

Enough with that. Let me share some photos during our past lessons with Sir Jessie. I have to say, he's very down to earth despite of the success he already has. An inspiration and a great role model to aspiring makeup artists like me.

With Sir Jessie Glova

C Technique Application

Smokey Eye Application

Winged Eye Makeup Application

What do you think guys? :)

I still have few sessions left.  Will keep you posted then.

Spread the love! Stay fab and beautiful inside and out!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Certificate of Completion: Basic Makeup Class

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." 

How do you feel when you have achieved something you are very passionate about? Exactly what I’m feeling right now! 

I have finished my 3 month Basic Makeup Class in FIDA (Fashion Institute of Design and Arts) Cebu finally. Look! Here’s my certificate! I'm a happy gal. :) 

I feel very blessed to be in that class. I’m glad I made the right decision to enroll. I learned a lot and found myself having a great time with my classmates, instructor and selected models.

I need to keep moving forward. Thank you FIDA Cebu. You equipped me with the right mindset and attitude. The makeup basics that I have learned from you will surely go a long way. 

Friday, 22 August 2014

My Brows Love L.A. Girl Gel Liner

Proper shaping of brows frames and enhances our face. Our eyes look lifted and youthful. We don't need an eyebrow technician to do it for us. Just keep on practicing. With the appropriate tools, we can achieve that right thickness and proper arch of our brows that will give us a more polished look.

I have very black eyebrows and they are very thick too! Think of a jungle, my dear. Haha! Just kidding! It needs grooming every after three days but I make sure I don't overdo it. (I still love my dark thick brows.) It's just that, it needs plucking and shaving especially the bottom part of it to bring my facial features into harmony.   

Lately, I've been loving an awesome product from L.A Girl cosmetics so much. It is not expensive and my brows look very nice and clean. It is the dark brown L.A. Girl Gel Liner.  I know! It is made to line our eyes but I prefer to use it for my brows. I have oily lids and I think this gel liner doesn't stay that long in my eyes.

I line my brows and eyes with dark brown L.A. Girl Gel Liner.

The dark brown L.A. Girl Gel Liner really works for my brows!

 For me it gives me that natural looking brows. 

The gel consistency is very rich and creamy that allows me to easily create the eyebrow shape I want to achieve. However, I need to make sure to wipe off the excess before applying. Or else, I will have that super defined brows. 

Are you using this product? Do you like it? What kind of eyebrow kit you have? I would love to know. :)

That is all for today guys! Stay fab and beautiful inside and out!

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Real Techniques Core Collection Makeup Brush Set Review

Reveal your inner expert!

One important thing I have learned to become a fantastic and successful makeup artist is to invest on quality makeup brushes. With so many different brushes presented right before my eyes, it gave me a hard time to know which makeup brushes are worth spending for. Budget conscious girl in the house ladies and gentlemen!

Finally I already have them! I am such a huge fan of Sam and Nic Chapman so I decided to purchase their famous Real Techniques Core Collection Makeup Brush Set. (Super late huh!) The Pixiwoo sisters are one of the best makeup artists in the world. They use their own brushes in their makeup tutorials. Now that I have my own Core Collection, it makes me feel like an expert. Hehe.. For sure you have already read a lot of great reviews about it. However let me share my personal thoughts too. 

I purchased the set at Chedelyn's Cosmetics located in APM Mall (across SM Cebu) for P1100, which I think is very reasonable. The set includes four full-sized brushes with a case. The bristles are synthetic taklon, hand cut and 100% cruelty free. 

So happy I finally got the right brush that is perfect  for cream to powder foundation, liquid foundation, or even a mineral foundation. It can also be used to apply mineral cheek color or blush. The buffing brush is my favorite! It really blends the foundation very well and gives me a maximum coverage. Would love to have that flawless canvas? The buffing brush won't let you down. 

The contour brush is my second favorite. It lets me create that precise contour underneath the cheekbones. It blends products easily. Before, I was using an angled brush to contour, reason I was quite hesitant to use this Real Techniques contour brush. As you can see it has a slightly pointed tip, almost like an egg shape. To my surprise, it also does a great job too! Whenever I overdo contouring, it allows me to blend the harsh lines really really well. I also use this brush for highlighting purposes. 

I don't use this brush very often. I find it not that manageable to blend liquid or even cream foundation. (Not a fan of using flat brushes.) I use it to conceal dark circles under my eyes though. It works okay.

Last but not the least, the detailer brush. To create that perfect lip I use it as a lip brush. I also use it to conceal small blemishes and to highlight inner corners of the eyes.

So what do I think of Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set? I highly recommend it guys! The brushes are very durable and soft and I don't have any regrets buying it. It's really worth the investment. If you are an aspiring makeup artist like me then this RT Core Collection must be in your makeup bag. It's not pricey yet it does an outstanding job. Your clients will love you for it. The world will love you for it! 

That would be all for today lovelies. Stay fab and beautiful inside and out! See you in my next post. Mwaaah! :) 

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My Favorite Makeup Gurus on YouTube

Hello lovely people! I hope you're having a productive week.

Are you confused as to what makeup look you want to wear on a friend's wedding day? How about during your company's Christmas party? Let me help you by sharing my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube who are incredibly proficient in their craft.

So let's get started! 

1. Michelle Phan

I sooo love her! She is the most watched makeup guru on YouTube with nearly 7 million subscribers! I find Michelle Phan's makeup tutorials very unique and easy to follow. There is something magical in her voice each time I hear her narrating in her video makeup tutorials. It is very sweet and inspiring and... I don't even know how to describe it now! At just 26, she already has her own cosmetics brand called EM Cosmetics. I like her because she is not ashamed of her humble beginnings. Such a great role model!

Michelle Phan makeup tutorials

Michelle Phan makeup tutorials

2. Pixiwoo Sisters

Meet Samantha and Nichola Chapman, 2 UK-based professional makeup artists/sisters behind the success of the YouTube channel Pixiwoo. They are Britain's YouTube beauty celebrities. Their expertise is undeniable. I have downloaded so many of their fantastic video makeup tutorials. I am in love with their celebrity-inspired styles. Hey! I am huge fan.
Just a little bit of trivia, Samantha designed the popular and well-loved Real Techniques brushes. (and I'm getting one soon!)

Pixiwoo makeup tutorials

Pixiwoo makeup tutorials

3. Tanya Burr

Do you want to look like your celebrity idol? Well, subscribe to Tanya Burr's YouTube channel. Her makeup tutorials are very good. One of my favorites is her Bella Swan's (of Twilight fame) inspired wedding makeup. I really admire this English fashion, beauty and lifestyle vlogger. The talent is really there. Keep it up Tanya!

Tanya Burr Makeup Tutorials

Tanya Burr Makeup Tutorials

4. Ana Victorino

For sure, Filipina makeup lovers know this very popular and talented girl. She's a self taught freelance makeup artist at a very young age. Ana's makeup tutorials are very inspiring and I absolutely like it.

Ana Victorino makeup tutorials

Ana Victorino makeup tutorials

And so... Who are your favorite makeup gurus? I am sure you have your own favorites, as well.

The internet has become a great source of all things beautiful. Couple this with fabulous makeup tutorials. The experts are just one click away so subscribe and learn from them. 

So, there you go guys! Stay beautiful and fab inside and out!  :)

Monday, 21 July 2014

Mary Kay DBC 2014: My Entry Has Been Chosen!

On Wednesday morning, one Facebook chat made my eyes bigger than normal. I found my mouth half closed while carefully reading what's on the screen. It was Jillian, my Mary Kay model who broke the deafening news to me. (I'm exaggerating) And what's that great news? My post title is such a spoiler. Haha!  

I hurriedly opened my email and tadaaaaah!!... Look what I found in my inbox! 

Sooo happy! Thank you very much Mary Kay. Can't wait for the announcement of Top 3 Local Winners advancing to the Grand Finale in Hongkong. 

I feel so honored to be chosen as one of the top 20 semi-finalists (second batch) for Mary Kay's Dream Beautiful Contest 2014. Congratulations to us Jillian and to all semi finalists who made it too!

My entry for the Dream Beautiful the Making of a Model Contest 2014Meet my model, Jillian Monikah Tatad. What do you think of the look I created for her? 

By the way, I got the email confirmation from Mary Kay on July 2, 2014. This post should have been posted 2 weeks back. Sorry for the delay. Hehe..

May our dreams come true. :) Have a lovely day people.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

FIDA Cebu: Mastering The Basics of Makeup Workshop

Finally! I have managed to enroll myself in FIDA Cebu's basic makeup workshop. I had been only planning to join this workshop for a year until someone really encouraged me to do it. Well, I guess it's time for me to take my passion to the next level. For some reason, watching YouTube tutorial videos is not fascinating to me anymore. I need interaction. I need to ask questions. 

I am just very happy I am now one of the students of Hannah Katrina Lim, our gorgeous instructor. Trust me guys, she is very friendly. I learned a lot from her and would like to learn more. We meet every Saturday, 1:00 pm-5:00 pm. 

We were taught how to contour and highlight using foundation. How's my look? 

Simple smokey eyes

I will be posting more photos soon. I am excited to learn more great techniques from our instructor. See you around lovelies. For more information about the workshop, you may visit FIDA Cebu's Facebook page

Friday, 20 June 2014

Call Her Aivy

What's up everyone?

I am happy to share my today's featured Mary Kay model was one of the candidates of Miss Mandaue 2014. She's attractive and smart. No wonder she was awarded Miss Mandaue 2014 4th Runner-Up. She also got the awards for Miss Photogenic and Miss Lecit-E! She is no other than Aivy Mae Castro.

I was delighted when she agreed to be my model. Despite of her hectic schedules she had before the pageant night, she made a way to meet up with me on Saturday.  She is very down to earth.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Tips on How to Apply DIY Bridal Makeup

You wouldn't want to look like a clown on your wedding day, would you? The worst is, you wouldn't want your groom look bewildered while you walk down the aisle. Probably at the back of his mind he will ask "Is she really my bride??!". Okay, I'm exaggerating.

Many times I've been invited to wedding ceremonies and parties. One of the things I look forward to is the bride's makeup. I've seen awful kinds of makeup and I found it very distracting sometimes even disturbing to look at. Sometimes, I just wanted to ask the bride "Who did this to you?". Anyway, most brides prefer to hire makeup artists but some just could not afford that. In a practical sense, hiring a makeup artist is quite expensive.

So, if you prefer to do your own makeup, then this post is for you. Here are my tips and techniques:

Start with Your Skin

Mary Kay Concelear

Just like in painting or drawing, you need a clean canvas. Wash your face and pat it dry. Prep your skin by applying an oil-free moisturizer. It will maintain the right moisture of your skin and will definitely give you that glow of a blooming a woman ready to get married. But we don't stop there.

  • Apply face and eye primer. It will make your makeup last longer. It will also make your pores look refine.
  • Foundation time. Make sure you have the right shade. Don't use a shade lighter or darker than your skin tone. If you're not sure what the right shade for you, try this technique. Apply a little amount of different foundation shades on the back of your hand or in your jaw line. Give it a minute to blend into your skin. The one that blends well is the right one for you.
  • For under the eyes and obvious blemishes, use a concealer. Blend it well. 
  • Use a translucent loose powder with a powder brush to have that polished finish. 

Flaunt that gorgeous eyes!

Urban Decay Naked Palette

I am not going to start this section with a line that says “Eyes are the windows to the soul”. That's a cliché. Hmm.. But I just did. Anyway, let's continue.

Did I mention to groom your brows first? Do not pluck on your wedding day to avoid red patches. Do not pluck when you're stressed and unhappy if you don't want to pluck all your eyebrows. Why would you be unhappy anyway? You're plucking for your big day! Once done with that get ready to adorn your eyes with lovely eye shadows. 

  • Go for neutral eye shadows. First, apply the highlighter under the brow bone. It's the lightest shade. 
  • Apply the second shade which is the medium color over the entire lid. 
  • Apply the third shade which is the darkest color in the outer corner of the eyes. 
  • Use peachy or white eyeliner to make your eyes look brighter and bigger. Skip the darker ones.
  • Curl your lashes and put on mascara. Make sure it's waterproof. C'mon, don't tell me you're not going to cry? It would be a fun day yet an emotional one. Kidding aside, waterproof mascara really rocks. 

Blushing bride

Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color (Champagne Rose)

Apply blush on. Don't know how? Smile. Don't show off your teeth. Dust it in a circular motion onto apples of cheeks and blend it upwards along the cheekbones.

Perfect pout

Mary Kay Lip Liner (Spiced Tea)

Line your lips with a lip liner, then apply a neutral soft color lipstick. Finish off by dabbing a little amount of lustrous lip gloss.

Take time to practice

Remember to practice applying make up first before your wedding day. Do your own research online. Trust me, it will be easier to get the look you wanted if you practice every single day. Let your friends take photos for you to give you an idea as to how your makeup looks like in pictures.

Woman, now you're ready! Please never forget to SMILE on your wedding day. Aside from my complain about those awful makeup I've seen, it also bothers me seeing an unsmiling bride.

Spread the love folks :)

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Mary Kay DBC: My First Model

Smart, beautiful and kind. These three words best describe her. 

Meet the girl who loves to watch Michelle Phan's YouTube videos, Ran. She is my very first model in Mary Kay Dream Beautiful Contest. At first, I was hesitant to message her because I thought she wouldn't love the idea to be my model knowing I'm not a good makeup artist...yet. To my surprise, she said yes. A big yes. 

Isn't she lovely?

She did not even bother to remove the makeup after I took photos of her. That simply means she loved what I've done to her! Hehe.. Anyway, this lovely woman was grateful. I was grateful too. 

While applying Mary Kay Face Primer on her, my co- Independent Beauty Consultants were very distracted by her hair. Haha! They wondered how she got her long, black, shiny hair. Ran said it's all natural. Whoa! I swear it's like touching an angel's hair. (Charing! No I haven't touched an angel's hair)

This "check your hair bangong Palmolive" girl loves to draw too. She's talented and very friendly. 

Thank you Ran for allowing me to make your face as my canvas. I know, that's your line. Lol!

That's all for now guys. Spread the love and be good to one another. mwaah! 

Friday, 2 May 2014

Mary Kay's New Bronzing Powder Review

Hello ladies! It's summer time! What are you up to this weekend? Go to the beach maybe? 

Today I would like to share my thoughts about Mary Kay's new bronzing powder. I just bought it this week and already tried it. This bronzer has two shades: Light-Medium and Medium-Dark. What I have is the light to medium shade. It has a semi-matte finished. It feels smooth and silky on my face. For me to have that sun-kissed glow I dust a right amount on my cheeks, forehead, nose and a little bit on my chin. I also use it to contour my face a little bit to appear slimmer. However, I don't recommend it for deep contouring purposes because it has a little shimmer on it. I personally prefer matte powder or liquid to contour. 

I love using this bronzer because my face doesn't appear too shimmery or too matte. It has a natural luminous effect that surely everyone loves. It blends easily and it's perfect for summer. Whenever the sun hits my face, I glow like Edward Cullen! You know I'm kidding. Haha! 

Contact your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant if you want to purchase this product. It costs P799.00. It's worth a try girls. I love my healthy and radiant look whenever I use this new bronzing powder from Mary Kay. Try it for yourself. 

Man! I need a better camera. Sorry you can't really see the effect of this bronzer on my face. I look like I'm having a 2x2 picture here. :( 

Have a good day God's beloved. Spread the love and enjoy your summer! 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colors

Check out my newest mineral eye colors from Mary Kay. Can't wait to try these babies out! I felt the need to purchase more Mary Kay eyeshadows for the preparation of the Dream Beautiful Contest. I will try to create different gorgeous looks using these colors. (other mineral eye colors not in picture though)

Hazelnut Mineral Eye Color

Amber Blaze Mineral Eye Color

Tickled Pink Mineral Eye Color

Gold Coast Mineral Eye Color