Saturday, 6 July 2013

Time to Shape Up

Finally! I had the will power to hit the gym this year. If the dinner with my friend Dina didn't happen, I wouldn't forced myself to go to Workout Fitness. Can you imagine me eating five spicy "lambay", two and a half plates of rice, "humba", "pancit", "lumpia" and two glasses of cold orange juice?! And it didn't happen once, another bountiful feast with her was granted the next day. On the third day, I convinced my office mates to eat where we had a delicious dinner with Dina. Again, I ate like there was no tomorrow. Oh my gosh! I could feel my whole body getting wider and bigger. For three consecutive days, I went to this eat all you can restaurant. It was very alarming (hmm.. I think that's a strong word) to see how my body got chubbier and heavier and I'm telling you it's not pretty.

Everything happens for a reason. I got to experience to feel my weight, to feel depressed most of the time and to had so low self-esteem for me to realize how important to have a healthy lifestyle. I can't stand not to do anything about it.

Let me share few of my photos taken at Workout Fitness Center. I've been in the gym for four months now and I don't have any plans to quit. (Oh Lord, blind me from laziness!) 

Two of Workout Fitness' friendly and muscled toned gym instructors. Vicente/Insik (orange shirt) and Kuya Ramil (yellow shirt)

Doing Side Bend and obviously wearing my Comkets shirt.  

Very serious trying to get some abs :)

Endorphin working in action

I love when I'm working out because I feel happier. When things aren't going so well sometimes at work, one hour of Aerobics, dancing Psy's popular "Gentleman", carrying those dumbbells really help me de-stress. My confidence gets better and my body gets healthier and more toned. I also achieved softer and smoother skin. I can't mention all the good benefits exercise has given me. This is one thing for sure, I am starting to live a happier life.

Find time to exercise my lady friends. It's time to shape up and embrace your true potential of becoming more beautiful inside and out. You can do it!

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