Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Job Well Done!

I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and I am pretty serious about it. Look what I’ve got! Thanks to our Sales Director Tita Sandra for giving me this award. The Mary Kay Pin inspires me to hit my target more. Oh! I forgot to mention, a Mary Kay perfume and a bag were also given to me.

This may be a small achievement for a newbie like me, but I am determined to achieve more. I love doing it! Helping other people gain their confidence back is such an amazing experience. Being sincere and honest to your customers is very important. This is not just all about making money. It's about building relationship (the friendly one) and making my customers happy using Mary Kay products. I set my goals through a vision board (Yes, I'm doing it! Law of Attraction? Familiar? ) and one of them is to make sure to have a new Happy Customer.

This is such a great business for women who love skin care and make-up that really works. Mary Kay products are really effective and many are making reviews about it (I'll make one about Microdermabrasion set soon). I thank the Big Man in Heaven for graciously giving me a wonderful business which I really enjoy. Thank you Mary Kay. :)

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

How Mary Kay Inspires Me to Move Forward

It took me sometime to really figure out the things I wanted to achieve in my life. I read books religiously about dreams and how to fulfill them. I highlighted the sentences I found useful to me. After reading, only one question came to my mind, “What do I really really want?!” Oh yeah, I wanted to be an astronaut! What if I die in outer space? That question used to be so difficult for me to answer.

As a young kid back then, I loved watching people doing makeup. At home, we only had two TV channels and on every Sunday at Channel 8 (I think that was RPN Network), there was this tv show hosted by Ricky Reyes. One the show’s segments was when the host himself would do make overs to ordinary women who wanted to look more dramatic and beautiful. I was inspired to do it too. So what I did, I made my two younger sisters my models. Tsadaaaa…! I made them looked like celebrities! But they didn’t like it. I was experimenting on them that even on their sleep I put make up on their face. When they finally realized that I was a bad make up artist they rejected my once in a blue moon offer to make them more beautiful. Losing hope wasn’t in my vocabulary, so my last option to be my model was my mother. ;)

Fast forward to 2013. Mary Kay came into my life. I believe that my dream to become a makeup artist is slowly being fulfilled. I am happy of what Mary Kay cosmetics offer. I am using their products and it’s really showing positive results. Now, I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Being one inspires me not to be hopeless when I don’t feel like working with my traditional job. Mary Kay is my outlet. I am able to do what I really love to do. There’s a joy in my heart whenever I see women’s eyes glow after the skin care classes and make overs. They love the products and they become loyal Mary Kay users. 

Make your passion your profession”.  I got that line from the movie “The 3 Idiots” and I am such a believer of that message. It inspires me to move forward and make my own world a better place. I love my traditional job and I love doing my Mary Kay business too. According to Bro. Bo Sanchez, “Passion is not just doing the things you love to do but also doing the things you don’t want to do for the sake of your loved ones”.